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The Unlikely Cougar


Kyra Daniels returns to school for the first time in fifteen years. Her degree was in business management, but she was short a few credits for an accounting degree. She found that online classes were harder than she expected. Swallowing her pride she opted to take on a tutor. Young Carson Severs was helpful in helping her pass her class and had no problems tutoring her in many other areas.


Genre: contemporary, May/December, erotic romance, hetero

Status: 25% complete


1725 Lake Augustine Drive

Kitt Carson asked Jessica Stanford to marry him. He knew it was a bold move and a long shot since he had only seen her three times since college. Her answer was neither yes nor no, but a job offer. Jessica wanted him to run her household for one year and promised to give him an answer at the end of that time if he agreed. Is Carson’s love strong enough to be tested? Or is this one hoop too many to jump to prove it?

4 Queens - Queen of Hearts by Dana Littlejohn

The Queen of Hearts:  


Dr. Charlene Brighton had given up her twenties and half her thirties to build her career. Now, although she wanted it, she had no idea how to pursue a relationship. 

When Marco Pappido sees the lovely doctor through his lens, he falls for her charms. Could Marco be the perfect person to guide her into a relationship she never knew existed? 

4 Queens - Queen of Spades by Dana Littlejohn

The Queen of Spades:


Davina Ingram gave up her job in Atlanta to start a non-profit to teach the next generation in Indianapolis. Working with children and focusing on work took her mind off the pain she felt. On a friend's advice, she chose Xavier Hart to launch her new website. Would the handsome Mr. Hart be the first to knock down the wall she placed around her own heart? 

4 Queens - Queen of Clubs by Dana Littlejohn

The Queen of Clubs

Julia Richards ran a small club in NYC. When Patrick James, the “king of clubs”  comes to town, rumors fly that he wants to buy her out. Julia has no intention of selling but agrees to help him create a similar club in Las Vegas. 

Patrick had everything of a man of prestige, power, and wealth could have…except someone to share it with. He invites Julia to Vegas to help make them both some money and into his bed. 

After arriving Julia figured that old saying, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, would now apply to her situation, but did Patrick rather it didn’t?  

4 Queens - Queen of Diamonds by Dana Littlejohn

The Queen of Diamonds 


Alexandria's 30th birthday celebration was the best and worst day of her life. A horrible car crash made her heir to the Bangura diamond empire. The day to day work she had no problem handling, but with more people than ever around her Alexandria never felt so alone. 

Detrick Mosley, an exceptional clothing designer, finally got his big break. When the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen came to bring him the jewels his models were to wear, he mistook her for a model as well. 

From the moment he saw her, Derrick knew he had to make her his.