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Just a little taste…

After taking his sister’s car keys, Gerald followed the highway signs leading him to the heart of New Orleans. He parked in the same place they did when he came to see his brother-in-law and followed his memory to the old house. The old woman was sitting right where he left her two days ago.
“Welcome back, Gerald Dixon. I knew you would come.”
He stopped in front of her. “You did, huh? Well then, maybe you could tell me what the hell is going on. Nothing has been the same since I left this place.”
She nodded. “Yes, you would think that, but all is well.”
“Look, I’m not in the mood for games. Just tell me what is going on.”
“You have been chosen because strength and courage in a nonbeliever is needed to lift a curse that should have never been cast. Are you up for the challenges? Will you do what is necessary to free Margarita Malveaux’s spirit?” she asked him critically eyeing him as she leaned across her table.
“Yes, I want to help her be free.”
She nodded once and stood. “That is why you are here. Follow me.”

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