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Jade walked by the dance floor, bobbing her head to the music. Just as she put her glass on a passing waiter’s tray, someone grabbed her hand and yanked her to the dance floor.
“Hey! What the—”
“Shh! Here, turn your back this way. You gotta dance with me. Can you step?”
“What? Excuse you, but—”
“Shh! Please, help me out. I’m trying to hide over here.”
Rynan set off on his journey to find Lord Poseidon flipping through his mental rolodex for any stored information. He remembered asking his father once why Poseidon had left them. Cayman had explained that his father cherished his solitude so much that he left his home on Mount Olympus for the ocean. He made his home on the ocean floor and traveled the oceans and seas happily.
Jerri Ivory was over divorce cases, but when your boss asks you to do him a favor… During the important case, her boss is killed and she becomes a suspect all while she is trying to get to know Felix, a man her friend Linda hooked her up with. With all the chaos and mayhem going on in her life, can Felix slow her down long enough to show her they were meant to be?

Jaxx Steele at the Swirl Awards