Sebastian’s Surrender by Dana LittlejohnThe Dioni Chronicles
Book III- Sebastian’s Surrender
Red Rose Publishing

The Dioni Vampire Clan is still attempting to rebuild their numbers. The gifted ones of the clan are among the first to be allowed to find wives.
Sebastian Santos is not a social vampire, and would prefer his solitude over human company any day. The only time he has made it a point to interact with humans is when it is time for his meals. So being granted the right to a human wife is more of a burden than a blessing in Sebastian’s eyes.
Amber has never known what it’s like to have a real family. When Sebastian approaches Amber in hopes of finding a mate, she realizes that her deeply rooted dream could become her reality. Will Amber be able to overcome her fears and become the mate Sebastian wants and needs?
Sebastian’s Surrender is book three in the Dioni Chronicles series. Sebastian’s Surrender was a delightful book about dreams coming true and discovering your true desires. The characters read like the people next door. While Amber was raised in love, she never knew what it was like to have blood of her blood. Sebastian has been a recluse most of his life but when he touches Amber he knows he never wants to be alone again. Readers of the genre as well as those who love this series will find Sebastian’s Surrender an enjoyable read. Dana Littlejohn has given us yet another wonderful addition to the Dioni Chronicles series.
Rating:5 ANGELS
Reviewed by: NeNe