The Dioni Chronicles
Book II- Jonathan’s Bite of The Apple
Red Rose Publishing

The time has come for Jonathan Destori to help rebuild his vampire clan by finding a mate. The worried warrior thinks he might fall short in finding a wife that will appreciate his sexual preferences. Jonathan’s clan brother tells him that New York is the perfect city to find anything under the sun, so Jonathan moves there in search of a wife.
A walk in Central Park gets interesting when Jonathan spies a woman bringing down a mugger. Seeing the real New York with his new friend Kenya as a tour guide opens the door to new possibilities for Jonathan. It’s a shame that Kenya’s not his type of woman. Or is she?
Sometimes people can’t see the forest for of the trees and that is exactly what happened to Jonathan. Kenya is a strong and beautiful woman with an open mind when it comes to sex. I nearly wanted to bash Jonathan when he failed to see the light bulb in the beginning. I almost felt he didn’t deserve such a wonderful woman because he was taking too long to realize her worth. Kenya is so sassy and surprising there is no way readers won’t love her. Littlejohn united a perfect pair and I would love to read more about their lives together after Jonathan’s Bite of the Apple.
Nymphs Rating: 4.5 Nymphs
Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Amethyst Nymph