Dana Littlejohn at The Readers Confession Cupids Playground Giveaway Hop

Join Dana Littlejohn and other hot authors for the Readers Confession
Cupids Playground Giveaway Hop,
where you declare your undying LOVE (or LUST) to all of those HUNKS and HEROES from our books!

vday hop
Since we are making up all of our own playgrounds from Cupid…tell us who you would love to have Cupids arrow hit for you!!
If there is a list of them and you want a harem that’s okay too. 😛
Who would you pick and why? Do they have anything in common?

Come join us authors and bloggers alike in Cupids Playground Giveaway Hop!!
Please tell your friends to join in, I want this one to be really successful for everyone involved.


1. Readers Confession (HOST) (INT) 11. Laura Kaye (INT) 21. Theresa Jones (INT)
2. Kat Halstead (US) 12. Book Lover’s Hideaway (Int) 22. Not Now…Mommy’s Reading
3. Reginamayross’s Blog (Int) 13. Michelle Clay 23. Toni Aleo
4. Addicted 2 Heroines (Int) 14. Tmonique Stephens~ Paranormal Romance 24. GingerRead
5. Love is a Many Flavored Thing (INT) 15. Laura @ Little Read Riding Hood (INT) 25. Seductive Musings
6. My Reading Obsession 16. Dana Littlejohn 26. Book Me! (INT)
7. Nicole Marie 17. Paranormal Romance Fans For Life 27. Kindred Dreamheart
8. Nic 18. Kindlehooked 28. Mary
9. HD 19. Waves of Fiction (INT) 29. Froggarita’s Bookcase
10. Kate SeRine 20. Minding Spot 30. Nicole Tetrev