HEA Series Book III: Seducing Mr Jefferson

Seducing Mr JeffersonSeducing Mr Jefferson - Happily Ever After... By Any Means Necessary Series
Book 3: Happily Ever After… By Any Means Necessary Series
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Once upon a time Daniel Jefferson couldn’t keep his hands off his wife Kamiah, but lately that was not the case. Had he become accustomed to her and no longer found her exciting after only five years of marriage? She hoped not, but luckily for Kamiah she had friends that had a few ideas up their sleeves in case he did.
Kamiah sent a stern look across the small round table to her friend as she laughed.
“I’m so glad that my pain can amuse you, Brenda.” Her voice dripped of sarcasm as she lifted her cup to blow on her tea.
“Don’t be like that, Kammy. Come on, you have to admit that dream you be having about Dan is just plain cheesy and funny as hell. What’s really funny is you only have those kinds of dreams when things are not going well with you two.”
Kamiah rolled her eyes and looked around the small restaurant. “My real friend Shelia should be here any minute,” she said and sipped her coffee.
Brenda sucked her teeth and scoffed. “Hey! I’m your friend! Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Tell me what’s going on.” She leaned back in the chair. “Why are you having that ‘knight in shining armor’ dream again?”
Kamiah sighed and blew the steam off her own cup again. “I don’t know. It just feels like Dan and I are so disconnected lately. I think he’s just used to me now. I don’t think he finds me sexy anymore.”
“What?” Brenda exclaimed, unable to hold back her shock. “Kam, that man loves you.”
“I didn’t say he didn’t love me. I know he loves me. I just don’t think he finds me attractive anymore.”
“Why would you think that?”
“Think what?”
Kamiah and Brenda both turned to the familiar voice. The woman pulling out a chair joining them put a large cup and sandwich on the table.
“Hi Shelia,” they said in unison.
Shelia kissed them both and sat down. “What’s up, ladies? I know I’m late, but—“
Kamiah scoffed. “You’re always late.”
Brenda snickered.
Shelia held her hand out. “Let’s not make this about me, darlings. We are here to talk about Kamiah, aren’t we? So catch me up. What’d I miss?”
“Kammy doesn’t think Dan finds her attractive anymore.”
“What makes you say that?”
Kamiah cocked her head and looked at Shelia.
“Now don’t give me that look. I know I’m late, but I’m always late and you still love me so let’s move on. What’s going on with you and Dan?”
Kamiah shrugged. “He seems distant lately—always working,” she repeated flicking invisible objects off the table.
“That’s what they do, Kam. Men work to support their families. It makes them feel like men. Well, the good ones do, anyway. Remember Rich?” Shelia asked and her friends nodded. “Huh, that fool was allergic to work.” Brenda and Kamiah chuckled. Shelia rolled her eyes and continued. “But never mind that dud. We’re here about you and Dan.”
“I don’t know, maybe I should do something different with my hair,” Kamiah wondered out loud running her fingers through her shoulder length curls.
Brenda and Shelia looked at each other and shook their heads sadly.
“That man loves you, Kam. I don’t think it was your hair that closed the deal on your relationship. Changing your ‘do’ might not make the difference you wanted,” Brenda offered with a light chuckle.
Shelia toasted her with her drink and nodded. “I agree. Whatcha drinking, Brenda?”
“An extremely hot mocha latte,” she answered with a soft laugh. “What’d you get this time?”
“I’m trying the white chocolate mocha frappuccino,” she said with emphasis on the last o. “I’m going to be wired all day!”
“Well, I guess that is a good thing when you work with a million kids every day.” She laughed with Brenda then turned to Kamiah with a frown. “You still drinking tea?” she asked her.
“Yes. I like tea. You got something against tea?”
“Nothing at all, tea is fine. It just amazes me that you come to a coffee shop like Grind, where they have a million coffees to try and you order green tea.”
Kamiah giggled. “I never really liked coffee. I come to this coffee house because I’m trying to do the friend thing with you crazy women. So I had to find an alternative, right?”
“See that, Brenda? Kammy is a true friend.” Shelia injected. She took a few cautious sips from her cup and turned to Kamiah. “So, what’s up? Why do you think Dan doesn’t find you attractive?”
“Well, he’s been leaving for work earlier than usual lately. It kinda makes me feel like he’s ducking me, you know. Like he wants to go before I get up so he doesn’t want to see me. When he comes home he watches the news until dinner is done and after he eats he watches the history channel until he’s ready to go to bed.”
“Hmm, okay, so what happens when you guys go to bed?” Brenda inquired.
“On a good day, a lot, but there haven’t been that many good days lately,” she admitted sadly.
“Maybe he really doesn’t know he’s making you feel like that. You know they don’t think like we do,” Brenda said.
Kamiah shrugged. “Maybe.”
“Men and women see things differently, Kam, you know that,” Shelia supplied.
Kamiah shrugged again and sipped her tea.
“Look, if you want to reconnect with him why not do something with him,” Brenda suggested.
“Do something with him? Like what?”
“Guys like it when you help them with their work, even if you don’t know what you’re doing. They get off on showing you how to do stuff,” Shelia recommended finishing her drink.
“Yeah, I guess I’ll have to do more to help him out,” she murmured.
Shelia looked at Brenda and smiled.
“Yeah that could help but, I have another idea,” Brenda proposed with a sly grin.
Kamiah looked between her friends and lowered her tea. “Uh-oh why am I suddenly afraid?”