The Lover and the Firefly
Red Rose Publishing

The Lover and The Firefly is a compelling story of a man embroiled in a gang lifestyle. While he can be sweet and tender with his woman, he’s forced to exhibit a tough bravado to survive among his peers. When his gang leader and best friend, Rickey, is killed, Tony finds himself accused of trying to move into a leadership role. It falls to him to find the person responsible for Rickey’s death or face losing his own life. His continued insistence that he wants out to build a future with Shanita raises doubts about his sincerity among the gang. Tony’s forced to prove his innocence and his loyalty. He’s mortified when Shanita ends up being a pawn in the war between the two factions, but relieved to find some of his brothers still believe him and help save her life.
I found the gang lore realistic and the romance believable. Dana Littlejohn writes with emotion and depth, and I was pulled into the action along with the characters. Her ‘gangsta’ English lent a very credible feel to the story. I look forward to more of her stories and watching her blossom. I wouldn’t hesitate to read more of her work.

Brett Scott
Rating: 3.5 Enchantments