The Dioni Chronicles
Book I- Mikhail’s Hunt
Red Rose Publishing

Is Mikhail vampire enough to take what he wants or will the man in him want more?
Mikhail Jamison is a vampire of The Dioni Clan, the last of their kind. He has been given the privilege to choose a wife for his services rendered during the werewolf wars. He has set his sight on a beautiful dancer, Christina Martinez. Upon their first meeting Christina has made it clear she was not interested in him. He has heard too much, about what having your own wife would be like and can’t let her get away. Realizing he has started off on the wrong foot with his chosen mate he knows he must now dig deep into the training of his elders to convince her that her first impression of him was wrong and it is her destiny to be with him. Whose destiny will it become the Vampire’s or his prey? Will his chosen mate show him there is more than just the dark side of life?
Dana Littlejohn has done an amazing job spinning this tale of need and desire. With the steam pouring off the pages, I couldn’t put it down. I must commend Ms. Littlejohn on the direction she took, it was risky yet courageous. Mikhail’s determination to win the woman is heartwarming. But I must say Christina’s original reaction to him made me laugh. I am excited to see what comes next in the Dioni Chronicles, and I have no doubt that it will be as captivating as this one.
5 Roses and a Recommended Read
Cassie Rowan
for Romance Erotic Connection