Cajun Magic
Red Rose Publishing
Heat level: Mild
Rating: 4 ROSES

Detective Gerald Dixon is recuperating in Louisiana from a bad wound he suffered in the line of duty. He is tired, hurt and confused about his future life. Will he give up and retire as requested? Then on a one-day trip to New Orleans his life took a sudden turn. He found an unbelievable request to help a ghost free herself form a voo-doo spell. Gerald did not believe in ghosts. Only a person who did not beleive in voo-doo could help break the spell. Gerald definitely did not believe in voo-doo. To help the ghost Margarita he had to perform a mental challenge, a physical challenge and a challenge that would require him to push his own beliefs to a whole new level.
Ms. Dana Littlejohn has created a first class fantasy story with a touch of erotic sex and a nice romantic ending. The storyline is creative and well thought out. I was captured with how Gerald was able to move his life from recuperation pain to one that will give him the happiness he didn’t have and never new he needed. The ghost Margarita is a wonderful character that spiced up Gerald’s life and made me want to see her be released from the spell that was cast over her many years ago. The story flowed at just the right pace for an easy reading in one sitting. The erotic sex scene helped to make the decision by Gerald to help Margarita believable. I found the sex scene well written, but not as sizzling as I wanted. The story builds to a nice ending that lead me to visualize a romantic adventure beginning for Gerald and Margarita. I recommend this book to readers that like fantasy stories with a little erotic twist and a nice romantic ending.
Reviewed by Traci Evans
for the Romance Erotica Connection