The Wrong Valentine Dana Littlejohn

The Wrong Valentine Dana LittlejohnWrong Valentine, by Dana Littlejohn

Shante was single, happy and ready for Valentine’s Day. She planned a delicious dinner, music and a little self indulgence to celebrate her single-hood. Her evening was going well until someone else’s Valentine O Gram showed up at her door. Should she get dressed and make sure it goes to the proper place or does she reap the benefits of someone else’s mistake?
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SLAVE’s Review

Shante had every intention on spending a romantic, self induced pleasurable Valentine’s night alone…boy! was she wrong! This book shows the benefits of being in the right place at the wrong time or the wrong place at the right time…whichever way you decide on, you just want to be there! Wrong Valentine is an unexpected seduction that if you forgot a gift on Valentine’s Day, you could send this to your lover.
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