The Erotes Book 4 Alan's Arrival by Dana LittlejohnThe Erotes: Book 4
Alan’s Arrival

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Can a god’s life get better after if he leaves Mount Olympus?
Kia Sanders recognized that her husband Dale’s past urges were resurfacing in their present and something had to be done. At first she didn’t know what, but after meeting Alan, what she needed came to her like a gift from the gods.
Kia looked at the clock and slid the pages she was working on back into the manila envelope on her desk. As she rummaged through her bag pulling Dale’s keys to the top, Sugar’s head appeared in her doorway.
“Miss Kia, come quick. Stud Muffin is here.”
She arched a brow at him as she shut the desk drawer. “Who?”
“My future husband.”
Kia’s hand moved to her hip. “Your what?”
Sugar walked in. “Okay, fine. I don’t know him, not yet anyway. He comes in every Wednesday and orders a mixed box of muffins, that’s how he got his name. He is gorgeous. He has to be a model or something. Come on, you have to see him,” he said tugging on her arm.
Kia let Sugar pull her from the office, but he stopped before they reached the door leading to the front and removed a stack of folded boxes from a one of the storage shelves lining the wall.
Kia turned a confused glare at him. “Didn’t you stock the boxes this morning?”
“Yeah, but you’re always busy when he comes in. I had to think of a way to keep him here long enough to grab you,” Sugar explained.
Kia shook her head and continued behind him. She stayed back letting him take care of the customer for a moment so she wouldn’t appear obvious. When she stepped from the back room, Sugar was in dialog with the man he called Stud Muffin, but Kia did not see him entirely. He was bent over in front of the case trying to pinpoint a particular muffin for Sugar to retrieve. Kia slid along the wall trying to peer over the counter at him, when he suddenly popped up to a standing position.
Startled, Kia let out a yelp that gained the attention of both men. To call the customer gorgeous seemed to be a gross understatement now that she saw him for herself. Extraordinary eyes, the bluest she had ever seen. They blinked in confusion at first then they brightened as he smiled at her. The almond shape of his eyes, the delicate bone structure and his full sensual lips made him down right beautiful.
“Umm, this is my boss, Stud— I mean, sir,” Sugar amended quickly.

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