Lady Vampires, by Dana Littlejohn

Dana Littlejohn’s female vampire series is about, well, lady vampires. Each book is about a different female vampire looking for love.
Lady Vampires Book I: Sweet Tooth  Lady Vampires Book II: What a Ride!  Lady Vampires Book III: Bobbie Rocks!

Book 1-Sweet Tooth

Sasha had been alone for many years. Lately she began to think it was time for her to take a mate. When she spotted the beautiful Candice, she wanted her at first sight. Distracted to frenzy Sasha enlisted aid from a friend and put a plan into action to claim her for her own.

Book 2- What a Ride!

Tamika James had just accepted a job in Boston. Although she was still single, Tamika was feeling optimistic about her life. During the train ride back to New York she met the beautiful Cassandra and the circumstance catapulted her into a new world she didn’t really know existed.

Book 3- Bobbie Rocks!

Roxie stayed under the radar for years moving from city to city to stay in the designing business. Thoughts of taking a permanent mate were put on the back burner years ago. When her friend Melina brought her to an adult toy store to prepare for a party she meets Bobbie. Although she had no intention on keeping her, she had every intention on having her for the night, but Roxie had no idea that Bobbie had other plans for her.
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SLAVE’s reviews

Sweet Tooth:

Sasha, Candice and Jasmine were believable. Though the book was brief, this story held my attention from the first page to the last. Jasmine, the secondary character, set the tone of the sensuality. The main characters used that to take the readers to the story’s orgasmic end. A great read. A short that stands tall among its peers.
5 pens…plus refills!

What a Ride!

Tamika was the passenger on this great ride with Cassandra as the conductor. This book is aptly named because that is what the main character, Tamika, is taken for. There was a time when I was a little confused when Cassandra was bringing Tamika up to speed on her life, so I took ½ a pen. However, What a Ride has an easy start that escalates to a great lunch time readable orgasm.
3 ½ pens

Bobbie Rocks!

The main character, Roxie, sets out for a night of lust and a good meal, but quickly learns she is on the menu. This story rose in crescendo. Seduction was throughout the book and the one sex scene was worth the wait. I enjoyed the characters and the story set up and the ending was fun and unexpected.
4 pens
Overall, Dana Littlejohn’s Lady Vampires are a recommended read, whether you’re alone or sharing them with your partner. Her characters are believable and beautifully alive. They can bite me anytime!