Five Hearts Anthology - Dana Littlejohn

Five Hearts Anthology - Dana LittlejohnTerri of Night Owl Reviews

Title: Five Hearts
Authors: Dana Littlejohn, Sandy Sullivan, Sable Hunter, Cynthia Arsuaga, Daisy Dunn
Score: 4.00 / 5
Active Date: Jan 1, 2013
Five authors bring five totally different stories about love, romance and Valentine’s Day.  While each was well written and packed a lot into a few short pages, not all were stories that I would have normally read.  I think this is one of the advantages of an anthology; checking out the authors before you put out a bunch of money and discover you dislike a writing style.  Anyway, from ghostly girlfriends to a chance meeting at a business party, each couple is unique and interesting.
This book starts out with A Hot and Spicy Valentine by Sable Hunter.  Neither main character is perfect in this story and both have lots of insecurities but they work.  This could almost be called a nice sweet romance and the story is fun.  This story is followed by Cynthia Arsuaga’s Lost In the Sea of You.  Here a ghost is looking for love on Valentine’s Day and finds it.  She disappears after a few days, only to return the next year.  I wasn’t thrilled with this story but it was definitely interesting.  Business parties are usually boring and full of business but in Cupid’s Target by Dana Littlejohn, they also have a hot guy and the opportunity for some smoking sex.  This is definitely not a boring story by any means!  Accidental Valentines by Daisy Dunn is bitter sweet.  It starts with a wife storming out of a marriage and a husband dying in a car accident.  Five years later the surviving spouses met.  Will the past affect the future?  Finishing this collection is Sandy Sullivan’s Forever Kind of Love.  He gave her up because he was convinced that he wasn’t good enough for her but he’s never forgotten her.  She still loves him even though he broke her heart.  With the help of some well-meaning friends, can they clear the air and get back together again?
Overall, I liked this anthology.  The stories were complete.  They had interesting characters and good story lines.  This is definitely a great book to buy and it will give you a lot of ways to look at Valentine’s Day.